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Concrete is the foundation of any project, and LandTek provides the best in repairs, masonry, structural and more.

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Concrete Infrastructure Development

As clients’ needs expanded, LandTek saw opportunity to provide a wide range of services. Serving the municipal, private, and public sectors with hubs in New York, Florida and Virginia, LandTek’s Concrete Division offers site work, concrete structures and foundations, curb installation and repair, brick pavers, and more. It has been instrumental in establishing the company as a leader in the site and civil contracting industry.

Concrete Infrastructure Development

Large-scale General Construction

Concrete is an essential part of every project. From building foundations to retaining walls, concrete infrastructure can be found at every stage of construction. The experienced members of LandTek’s Concrete Division ensure that every job is completed on time, and within budget. We work in a professional manner, providing our clients with the highest standard of work.

  • Concrete structures and foundations
  • Concrete and masonry retaining walls
  • Underground utility installations

Site Concrete

Large-scale General Construction

LandTek has provided many municipal, public, and private owners a variety of concrete installation and repair services, both as a part of a larger project or on its own. Whether it be the installation of a brick paver along a walkway or repairing a crack along an existing concrete curb, LandTek is your best option for site concrete improvements.

  • Brick pavers
  • Curb and sidewalk repair
  • Asphalt parking lots and bus driveways
  • Patchwork, seal coating and resurfacing

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Construction Pride, Service and Quality

Concrete Improvements

The LandTek Difference

As LandTek continues its growth, clients continue to see why LandTek is the best choice for site and infrastructure improvements. With over 1,000 project completions for private and municipal clients, we offer quality installation and repair, providing value to our customers.

  • Industry standard for concrete site and infrastructure development

  • Concrete installation and repair

  • Variety of purchasing options

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