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Sports Turf

Renovation & Maintenance

Synthetic Turf Maintenance

Maintain your newly installed or renovated synthetic turf.

As one of the most notable synthetic turf maintenance providers on the east coast, LandTek’s Synthetic Turf Maintenance Division delivers top-quality care and service to clients. Our detailed program allows owners to protect their investment and maximize playing experience. The program provides fields with rejuvenating measures that help improve the longevity, safety, and overall quality of the field after your sports turf installation. Our state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained crews will have your fields looking new and ready for play throughout the year.

Turf Repair

Warranty Repair

Infill Repair

Field Evaluation and Inspection


GMAX Testing

The leader in the athletic field construction and maintenance industry for over 45 years.

Since its founding over four decades ago, The LandTek Group has set the industry standard for synthetic turf field construction, repair and maintenance. Over the years, the company has expanded its reach to serve the entire east coast of the United States, with operational hubs in New York, Florida and Virginia. Today, LandTek is synonymous with synthetic turf and synthetic turf base construction and continues to grow its vast client list throughout the east coast.

Field Evaluation and Inspection

Our certified technicians examine infill depths, fiber fibrillation, sewn and glued seams, perimeter attachments and sport specific high wear areas to create a comprehensive field report. Any problems or imperfections are brought to your attention and repaired to ensure your field users are safe and the turf system is performing as designed. All repairs or deficiencies are documented with digital photos.


With such a large focus placed on the incidences of concussions and traumatic lower body injuries, it is important that your field is in peak condition. G-Max testing is performed under the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. The test records the shock absorption properties of your field as it relates to player impact. The higher the G-Max, the harder the field. Keeping a yearly record of G-Max ensures your commitment to field safety.

Synthetic Turf Field Repairs

Our team of experts can perform all major and minor repairs to your turf field. This includes all warranty and non-warranty work.
High traffic areas on your synthetic field can show increased wear and tear over time. The repetitive activity in these areas can cause early damage to the turf fiber if there isn’t an adequate amount of infill. Our synthetic turf maintenance team can inspect your field and show you how to properly care for these areas. Regular maintenance keeps your field at its top playability and safety.


Goal Lines
Kick X’s
Corner Kick
Goal Creases
Batter’s Box
Home Plate
Pitcher’s Mound
On-Deck Circles

Deep Grooming

Assuring your synthetic turf field is properly maintained is an essential aspect of field ownership. The LandTek Group has developed a comprehensive synthetic turf grooming program, designed to improve turf performance and playability throughout the lifetime of the field. This program provides fields with rejuvenating measures that help improve the longevity and overall quality of the field after your synthetic turf field installation.

Synthetic Turf Disinfecting

The LandTek Group’s program is designed to increase your field’s cleanliness and address the health challenges we face every season. The LandTek Group will professionally apply an EPA registered anti-microbial disinfectant to the entire surface of your field. Give your players, coaches, parents and community the peace of mind that you have taken every precaution possible to help optimize their safety.

Synthetic Turf Maintenance Services

  • Magnet Sweep

  • Turf Field Warranty Repairs

  • Emergency Repairs

  • Facility Staff Training

  • Deep Grooming

  • Infill Replenishment

  • Field Rejuvenation

  • G-Max Testing

  • Field Disinfecting

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