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The LandTek Group, Inc. is pleased to share that we have been awarded a nationally procured contract award for “Sports Construction Services” from The Cooperative Council of Governments (CCOG), an Equalis Group Lead Agency. This contract was awarded based on qualitative criteria, expertise and competitive pricing through a nationally compliant and transparent competitive public sector procurement process.

This agreement will allow The LandTek Group, Inc. to provide products and services to public sector entities, including federal and state agencies, local governments and educational institutions across the country.

Under this contract, all of LandTek’s turnkey solutions for sports field construction are available to Equalis members. We provide specialized services including athletic facility construction, synthetic turf installation and maintenance, natural grass field construction and maintenance, general contracting, concrete, design-assist, fencing and more.

  • Competitive pricing for Equalis Group members on all of LandTek’s products and services.
  • Turnkey solutions for all of your sports facility needs.
  • Resources of industry professionals, including experienced field labor staff, certified sports turf managers, project managers, engineers and corporate staff to assist in the day-to-day operations.
  • Quality control and project management processes to keep deliverables on time and within budget while also maintaining a safe environment for crews and customers.

Contract #: COG-2138C
Lead Agency: CCOG
Effective Date: 12.01.2022
Renewable Through: 12.31.2031

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Equalis Group is a member-driven, supplier-centric organization that embodies the power of partnership. Equalis Group operates with the guiding principle that when the objectives of buyers and sellers are aligned, sustainable value is created, transcending that of the typical short-term transactional relationship. With this differentiated approach, Equalis Group is not just a cooperative purchasing organization, but a family.

We leverage Equalis Group members’ combined buying power to command better pricing and favorable contract terms from suppliers. We develop and administer a diverse portfolio of cooperative purchasing programs that cover a wide range of products and services and provide our members with a legal and compliant exemption to the bid/request for proposals (RFP) process.

Each program in our rapidly growing portfolio provides our members with contracting compliance and the ability to configure the solution that best meets their individual needs while achieving the lowest total cost of ownership.

Save Time… we’ve done the procurement work so you don’t have to.
Save Money… your dollar goes further with the collective buying power of Equalis Group.
Stay Legal… our competitive procurement process delivers statutory compliance in every state.

How many hours and over how many weeks or months does your team invest in a typical solicitation process? How many solicitations does your organization publish each year? How much time and effort can your organization save by leveraging Equalis Group’s already-procured portfolio of programs? In what ways can you re-invest that saved time and energy to fulfill your organization’s purpose?

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