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Athletic Fields

Sports Field Design Renovation

LandTek has the experience to bring your Sports Complex Project from concept to completion.
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Athletic Field Construction

Turnkey Installation and Maintenance

The LandTek Group has been the leader in the athletic field construction and maintenance industry throughout the east coast with hubs in New York, Florida and Virginia. LandTek is a full-service, turnkey organization that provides customers the highest quality in athletic facility construction, including natural grass and synthetic turf fields, maintenance and repair, running tracks, tennis courts, sub-base drainage, subsurface heating, bleachers, press boxes, field lighting, scoreboards and concession stands.

  • Sports Facility Construction

  • Sports Lighting

  • Scoreboards

  • Running Tracks

  • Bleachers

  • Press Box

  • Concession Stands

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Synthetic Turf

Turnkey Installation and Maintenance

LandTek became one of the first contracting companies to embrace the new wave of synthetic turf fields. Quickly, LandTek became a leading installer of synthetic turf in the United States, installing the highest quality fields for private organizations, pubic school districts, private schools, municipalities, colleges, universities and professional organizations. Today, LandTek is synonymous with synthetic turf, and continues to grow its vast partner list throughout the east coast. In setting itself apart from the competition, LandTek utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to provide faster ripout and replacement of existing fields and a streamlined synthetic turf installation process.

  • Synthetic Turf Field Installation

  • Turf Replacement

  • Synthetic Turf Repair

  • Infill Replenishment

  • G-Max Testing

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Natural Turf

Turnkey Installation and Maintenance

LandTek has perfected the art of natural grass construction, employing the latest advances in technology, as well as constantly improving our methods. With our innovative approach, attention to detail and commitment to quality, The Landtek Group has become involved in the design and construction of high profile projects in our area, such as Citi Field, Red Bulls Stadium, Etihad CFA, the Executive Course at Harbor Links Golf Course, as well as for countless other clients throughout the east coast.

  • Natural Grass Field Construction

  • Natural Grass Baseball Field Renovation

  • Baseball Mound Construction

  • Natural Grass Heating & Cooling Systems

  • Drainage and Irrigation Systems for a Sports Complex

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Turnkey Installation and Maintenance

Fencing is an essential aspect of any construction project. From start to finish, it establishes necessary barriers, adds vital security to a job site, and provides security against destructive and costly vandalism. For athletic facilities, however, fencing can play an even more significant role by ensuring the safety of athletes and spectators alike. The LandTek Group’s division of fencing contractors has an outstanding reputation of providing the highest quality athletic fencing to clients throughout the East Coast.

  • Security Fences for Large Sports Complexes

  • Chain Link Fence

  • Metal Fence Panels

  • Removal Outfield walls / Fences

  • Perimeter Nets

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General Contracting

Turnkey Installation and Maintenance

The LandTek Group is a specialized site contractor performing the vast majority of work in-house in order to control quality and make sure the project is maintained to our high standards. As a specialized general contractor, we are a multi-divisional company that can handle multiple tasks, depending on the scope of a particular project. While renowned for our athletic facility construction, we also specialize in the design and build process of large scale projects. Our vast portfolio of satisfied customers provide testimony to our capabilities.

  • Project Management

  • Site Development

  • Design/Build Capabilities

  • Excavation and Site Clearing

  • Drainage

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Turnkey Installation and Maintenance

As clients’ needs expanded, LandTek saw opportunity to provide a wide range of concrete services. Serving the municipal, private, and public sectors, LandTek’s Concrete Division offers site work, concrete structures and foundations, curb installation and repair, brick pavers, and more. LandTek’s Concrete Division has been instrumental in establishing the company as a leader in the site and civil contracting industry.

  • Brick Pavers

  • Curb and Sidewalk Repair

  • Asphalt Parking Lots and Bus Driveways

  • Patchwork, Seal, Coating and Resurfacing

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Synthetic Tennis Courts

Turnkey Installation and Maintenance

The LandTek Group’s Synthetic Tennis Courts use the latest fiber systems on the market today. 100% polypropylene, designed for the start and stop play of Tennis. The turf can be colored to look like an all green court, red like an all clay court, or a hybrid of both. Synthetic Turf reduces the need for constant maintenance that can occur due to cracking and delamination of hard concrete or asphalt courts.

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Sports Turf Repair

Natural Grass and Turf

Fall is the best time to overseed athletic fields regardless of whether or not they’ve been used as much. Take advantage of the down time and get seed in the ground in September and October. Seeding will help crowd out weeds and crabgrass. We also can do a dormant seeding in late fall.

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Basketball and Batting Cages

Turn Key Installation and Construction

The LandTek Group also offers construction services for Tennis Courts, Sports & Field Lighting, Basketball Courts and Batting Cages. Ask us about Synthetic Tennis Court.

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