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Renovation & Maintenance

Natural Turf Maintenance

LandTek has the experience to bring your Sports Complex Project from concept to completion.

Natural grass fields require regular maintenance to maintain playability. The LandTek Group’s comprehensive natural turf maintenance program ensures that playing surfaces are optimized to provide athletes with the best possible natural turf playing experience. Utilizing industry best practices and state-of-the-art equipment, LandTek’s maintenance program provides clients with a wide variety of services to optimize playing fields. In addition, LandTek has several Certified Sports Field Managers on staff, providing clients with the best improvement recommendations.


Field Aeration

Top Dressing


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The leader in the national turf seam repair and maintenance industry.

Since its founding nearly four decades ago, The LandTek Group has set the industry standard for natural grass field constructionnatural turf repair and maintenance with hubs in New York, Florida and Virginia. From it’s inception as a “lawn doctor” service to constructing numerous high profile projects for a variety of owners, LandTek has provided the highest quality construction and maintenance services for owners throughout the east coast.

Natural Turf Construction

Installation and Maintenance

From its earliest days, LandTek has been synonymous with natural grass renovation and improvement. LandTek has been involved in the construction of many natural grass athletic fields throughout the east coast, including many projects for high profile clients such as New York City Football Club, the New York Mets, the New York Red Bulls and more.

  • Natural Grass Field Construction

  • Natural Grass Baseball Field Renovation

  • Baseball Mound Construction

  • Drainage and Irrigation Systems

  • Natural Grass Heating and Cooling Systems

Natural Turf Maintenance

Upkeep and Repair

Natural grass fields require regular maintenance in order to maintain playability. LandTek’s Natural Turf Maintenance program ensures that playing surfaces are optimized to provide the athletes that utilize the fields with the best possible natural turf playing experience. LandTek’s comprehensive Natural Turf Maintenance program utilizes state-of-the-art equipment, providing clients with the following services which allow for a healthy field:

  • Field Aeration

  • Seeding

  • Fertilization

  • Top-Dressing

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Natural Turf Fields

The LandTek Difference

As LandTek continues to grow, more and more clients are seeing how LandTek separates itself from the competition. Quality service, expert installation, best-practice maintenance procedures, and facility staff training are just some of the aspects which have made LandTek’s natural turf division the leader in providing the very best to clients.

  • Industry standard for natural grass field construction

  • Best-practice Maintenance Procedures

  • Industry leadership

  • Field Performance Testing

  • State-of-the-art Equipment

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