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May 26, 2022 Martin Halo

Memorial Day Weekend

John Sulinski (LandTek, Chief Operating Officer) and Marty Lyons (VP of Public Relations for LandTek and New York Jets Legend) flew out to the USS BATAAN in the Atlantic Ocean to spend time with the military personnel as they navigated into NYC for Memorial Day Weekend. Their efforts focused on providing a vision for troops about the work The LandTek Group has performed at many military institutions. They also discussed the opportunity to work for the Company after their military service….and of course a touch of football.

John Sulinski stated, “It was an amazing experience to spend time with the dedicated men and women of the Marines and Navy. When you see the commitment, planning and integrity each of them possess, it exemplifies what can be accomplished. Everyone should take the opportunity to acknowledge them during this Memorial Day weekend.”

Marty Lyons added, “What a privilege it was to spend time with the sailors and Marines aboard the USS BATAAN. They spoke of integrity, honesty, courage, and respect. These are core values we need in life and are also aligned with LandTek’s. A special thank you to Steve Castleton (Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army) and the New York Jets for allowing us to have this experience. God bless the USA and all the members of our military services that keep us safe.”