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July 5, 2018 James Weber

Prep for Prep – The LandTek Group Preps For the Hudson River Derby

The LandTek Group Preps for the Hudson River Derby between New York City FC and the New York Red Bulls at Yankee Stadium

NYCFC continues to rely on the expertise of LandTek’s Certified Sports Field Managers, who continue to provide the highest quality in pitch performance.

Bronx, NY — On Sunday, July 8th, NYCFC will face their cross-town rivals for the third time this season. Always a highly anticipated match, the fans and the city will have all eyes on the first Hudson River Derby at Yankee Stadium. As the Hudson River Derby approaches, Domenec Torrent and his men have been intricately preparing to ensure that they can get the results on the pitch. A key aspect to preparation always starts at the training pitch, where their Official Pitch Supplier, The LandTek Group, Inc., has helped construct a state-of-the-art training facility for their players to prep for each match.

LandTek was instrumental in NYCFC’s construction of the Etihad City Football Academy, a first-class facility now utilized by the club. The pitch, which consists of Bluegrass sod with a sand-based root zone system, features an undersoil heating system (commonly referred to as radiant heat), and was built to allow for year-round training for the team. The pitch is considered to be among the best in Major League Soccer. LandTek also provides turfgrass maintenance at Etihad CFA, ensuring the pitch is in top form at all times.

As an instrumental aspect of NYCFC’s daily preparation, LandTek also provides pre-match pitch evaluation before each home game at Yankee Stadium.

In ensuring the highest quality playing conditions, LandTek’s certified professionals examine various aspects of the pitch such as pitch hardness, ball roll and grass shear.

As the season progresses and the competition and intensity continues to increase, NYCFC continues to rely on the expertise of LandTek’s Certified Sports Field Managers, who provide the highest quality in pitch performance.

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Founded in 1979, The LandTek Group, Inc. is a general contractor specializing in the design, construction, and maintenance of athletic facilities throughout the East Coast.