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Project Overview


This dual phased project was completed in August of 2016. Rowan University now has the first stage of their athletic facilities masterplan completed adding to the most extensive college sports complex in Southern New Jersey. The new West Campus satellite complex now compliments the main campus facilities to provide the intercollegiate and intramurals sports programs with the ability to practice and compete simultaneously. The newly constructed West Campus satellite facility rose from the ashes of an old peach orchard farm. Extensive demolition and remediation of contaminated soils on site was necessary to build the two new synthetic turf multi-purpose fields along with new track/field events, sports lighting, fencing, ball-stopper netting systems, irrigation and parking facilities. The new facilities at the West Campus allowed for the replacement of the Varsity Soccer field and multi-purpose Intramural fields at the Main Campus Complex. The construction of all these fields also included an extensive interior and exterior storm water management retention and detention system designed to tie into and work in unison with the townships existing storm water system.

Project Information

Rowan University; Glassboro, NJ