Management and Maintenance

A core belief of The LandTek Group is our commitment to provide ongoing support for our clients, even after their projects are completed!

The LandTek Group promises to deliver the highest quality in general contracting services. But the facility’s owner must ensure that proper care is given to guarantee the project’s longevity. That responsibility can be shared. To protect a facility against damage and neglect, The LandTek Group offers a wide range of maintenance and management services. These vital duties are done to enhance the safety, efficiency and long-term use of each project and ensure its lasting value to the facility’s owner. Post-completion maintenance is essential for every construction project. The LandTek Group’s experience will make sure your project will stand the test of time.

The LandTek Group: Academic Services
The LandTek Group: Management and Maintenance Services

Natural Turf Maintenance

This is how we got our start. It’s in our roots. Over thirty five years ago, LandTek President and CEO Mike Ryan specialized in landscape maintenance and design. Today, The LandTek Group is still the premier provider of natural grass athletic fields in the New York tri-state area. From private and public schools to municipal facilities, The LandTek Group offers our clients the highest quality natural turf maintenance services year-round, including:

Field Rejuvenation
Field Evaluation
Field Repairs

The LandTek Group: Management and Maintenance Services

Synthetic Turf Maintenance

Adhering to a proper maintenance protocol is essential in order to ensure that a synthetic turf field’s safety, longevity and playability endure. As the largest synthetic turf maintenance provider in the United States, our division delivers quality care and service that enables us to focus equally on synthetic turf’s three main components: fiber, backing and infill, protecting the investment made by the field owners, and improving the playing experience of the athletes on the field.

Field-grooming Services
Synthetic Turf Repairs
G-Max Testing
Field Evaluation Procedures
Event and storm management

The LandTek Group: Management and Maintenance Services

Safety Testing

Promoting the safest possible projects for all our clients is a core value of The LandTek Group because safety is one of the most important factors of any project site. All of The LandTek Group’s maintenance and management services have that aim in mind. To ensure that all ASTM standards are followed properly, regular testing is required—and that’s what The LandTek Group also provides its clients. Some of our field and facility testing procedures and services include:

Field and Facility Safety Evaluation
G-Max Testing
Clegg Hammer Testing
Strict Adherence to all ASTM International Standards and Guidelines

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Facility Management

To better serve our clients, The LandTek Group has begun to incorporate all of its maintenance and management services in a refined Facility Management Program. In this program, a full-time LandTek Group employee is dedicated to a specific facility, providing regular maintenance services, inspections and evaluations, as well as offering expert advice so the facility owners will get the greatest value for their investment. By encompassing every aspect of The LandTek Group’s maintenance and management services, the Facility Management Program can offer the most frequent, up-to-date maintenance services available. Benefits of The LandTek Group’s Facility Maintenance Program:

Regular site and field maintenance
Daily on-site walkthroughs of facilities
A LandTek Group facility expert on hand 24/7 to address any issues as they arise

The LandTek Group’s Facility Management Program has shown great results for high-profile clients who have signed up for this comprehensive service. Our partnerships with Stony Brook University and New York City Football Club of Major League Soccer (NYCFC) have provided both institutions with the highest caliber maintenance that The LandTek Group can offer while ensuring that their athletic facilities will continue to thrive in the years ahead.