Alicia Jackson

Human Resources Manager

Alicia Jackson joined The LandTek Group in July, 2003 as Human Resources Manager. As Human Resources Manager, Alicia has been instrumental in developing and implementing many HR initiatives and strategies that have led to LandTek’s strong growth over the past decade plus. Alicia is responsible for developing personnel policies, maintaining and updating policy manuals, and organizational handbooks. She is also responsible for managing employee payroll, relaying information about benefits packages, and reviewing and revising HR policies in compliance with new and changing legislation.

In her time with the company, she has advised management in many different areas, including grievances, attendance policy, disciplinary action, and performance issues. In keeping up with current events in the HR field, Alicia constantly utilizes outside resources in order to monitor issues concerning employment law, and constantly updates upper management on her findings. Her expertise in the HR industry, as well as her conflict resolution skills, make her an invaluable member of the LandTek family.